India Strikes Back, Destroys Jaish-e-Mohammed Camps Across LoC

  • As per sources, it was the Indian Air Force’s Mirage-2000 fighter jets, 12 in number, that participated in the operation.
  • As per IAF sources, the operation was conducted at 3:30 AM on February 26.
  • The operation involved dropping 1000kg payloads on terror camps
  • Jaish-e-Mohammed terror launchpads at Balakot, Chakoti and Muzaffarabad were destroyed in the operation .

  • Indian Air Army destroyed terrorist camps in Pak 200 – 300 terrorist killed.
  • Alpha 3 control rooms of the Jaish-e-Mohammed were also destroyed in the operation
  • The strike involved a low-fly run by the Indian Air Force’s fighters.
  • Strike 1 was at Balakot, 24 KM North West of Muzafarrabad. Top sources say that Strike 1 was carried out between 3: 45 am and 3:53 am this morning.

  • India’s Strike 2 was at Muzafarrabad between 3:48 am and 3:55 am.

  • India’s Strike 3 was at Chakoti and was carried out between 3: 58 AM and 4:04 AM this morning.

Blueprint of the air operation was discussed with the Raksha Mantri in New Delhi. All the risk assessment was done and the Raksha Mantri was briefed about every detail of the attack. In national interest Republic TV will not broadcast any video of the air strike until there is an official confirmation. Indian Air Force has put on high alert all air defence systems along the international border and LoC to respond to any possible action by Pakistan Air Force .

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