Top 10 Best Instagram Promotions Apps of All Time

Now’s the time to get started with Instagram marketing.

These Instagram promotion apps will help you make the most of your Instagram efforts – whether it’s creating captivating posts, monitoring your Instagram analytics or converting your Instagram followers to customers.

With over half a billion daily active users, Instagram has opened up huge opportunities for brands to find new customers and get their products seen. Tactics like running Instagram ads and reaching out to influencers are effective, but without the right tools, it can be tough to get the results that you want.

Here are the top 10 Free Instagram promotion apps you need to create a fool-proof Instagram marketing plan:

1 ) Layout :

Layout is Instagram’s collage app, and it’s by far the easiest app of its kind. It allows you to combine 2-9 of your photos into one image.

There are three options from where you can select your photos: camera roll, recent photos and an interesting “faces” option where Layout compiles the photos you have of people‘s faces.

There are also a lot of creative features included: such as mirroring, flipping, resizing and rearranging with just a few taps.

Bonus: It has a photo booth feature which includes a countdown where you can snap up to 4 photos in a row.

How can other businesses use Layout?

Real estate agent: Make a collage of several different photos of a new property for sale.

Beauty salon: Compile a collage of the latest hairstyles of the season.

Tea merchant: Snap photos of 4 loose leaf teas in visually pleasing containers at a high camera angle.

COST  : Free of cost

2 ) Pixlr :

Did you know that images with high lightness generate 24% more likes than dark images?

There are so many image editing tools you can use for your photos, but Pixlr is my favorite and is easy to use and also gives you a bunch of options.

Here are a few of the features:

take photos within the app

100+ effects

280 overlays

200 borders

COST :- Free of cost

3 ) Schedugram :

ScheduGram is one of a kind – it’s a web-based tool that enables you to publish your Instagram photos and videos now or later.

What makes ScheduGram so different? Unlike other Instagram photo scheduling tools, ScheduGram actually posts the photo to Instagram for you – instead of reminding you to post the image yourself.

You can also manage multiple Instagram accounts and collaborate with other users – which is particularly useful because you don’t have to log in and out to switch accounts.

ScheduGram has basic photo-editing features such as cropping, adding filters, text, and rotating images.

ScheduGram lets you schedule multiple posts at a time. This is an effective time-saver and frees you from worrying about the last time you posted on Instagram.

COST : Plans start at $20/month

4 ) Later :

Later, formerly known as Latergramme, is an intuitive mobile, tablet, and browser-based Instagram scheduling platform.

Later comes with a diverse set of features for planning out your campaigns including the ability to explore hashtags and share user generated content. Later lets you organize your posts with a handy content calendar and get a preview of your Instagram feed before publishing, making it simple to visualize exactly how your strategy will unfold. Later also offers Saved Captions, which is handy when planning and implementing your hashtag strategy for Instagram. Save related groups of hashtags together, so you never need to type them out again. COST : Free of cost

5 ) Repost :

Did you know that 65% of Instagram users say they feel honored when a brand @mentions them? Repost is an easy way to make your followers feel appreciated. 

Repost makes sharing other people’s photo or videos simple: browse your feed or search for a specific user or hashtag, click on the photo and press, “repost.” It’s that simple.

This app is a great way for brands to show their user-generated content (UGC) and give praise to their customers.

Lots of big brands and celebrities use tools like Repost. In the screenshot above, soccer star Giovani dos Santos uses repost to share a photo from his teammate.

COST : Free of cost

6 ) Autohash :

Autohash might be the easiest way to find relevant hashtags for your images. It uses AI to recognize the objects in your photos, and provides you with relevant hashtags based on the objects. It will count the hashtags for you, so you don’t go over the 30-hashtag limit, and you can save your favorite hashtags in the app.

Once you’re ready to post, Autohash will save your selected hashtags to your clipboard, so all you have to do is paste them into your image description or the comments on your image.

Autohash is available on Android.

COST : Free of cost

7 ) Iconosqure :

Iconosquare is the go-to Instagram analytics tool for marketers: it allows Instagram users to monitor and analyze comments, likes, followers and messages.

This free tool sorts out the analytics of your and puts them all in one dashboard. It’s the only Instagram tool that is this in-depth.

Here are a few handy Iconosquare functions:

                   – The bulk commenter makes it easy for you to keep track of your follower’s comments

                  – Shows you who has unfollowed you in the last week and onward

                  – Specific comparative growth statistics that help you grow your followers

COST : Free of cost

8 ) Websta :

Websta is a free tool for managing your Instagram account and getting easy-to-understand analytics about your engagement and growth.

Websta also aggregates every hashtag on Instagram. This handy feature lets you search through all of Instagram to track down the best performing hashtags in your target audience. You can also get recommendations for hashtags that are related to the ones that you already use to help you branch out and find new audiences.

COST : Free of cost

9 ) Picflow :

If you want to add more video to your feed, but you don’t feel up to shooting something, PicFlow can help. It creates 15-second slideshows using your photos, and you can add and edit the audio directly in the app. You can even control the timing of the slideshow, and you could create some really interesting visual effects by mixing in images editing with other apps on this list.

PicFlow is free to use for iOS and Android, but if you want to remove the watermark, or unlock extra transitions, you can upgrade within the app.

This has probably happened to you: you’re scrolling through Instagram, a shot of someone’s outfit catches your eye and you wish you could buy everything that they’re wearing instantly.

COST : Free of cost

10 ) VSCO :

VSCO adds on to Instagram’s stock filters with their own “presets.” The VSCO app allows you to easily imitate film effects as well as edit your images subtly.

COST : Free of cost

Start Shooting ;

Now that you have the right tools for the job, it’s time to get out there and start taking amazing photos that really show the true value of your products!

Have any more questions about Instagram marketing? Let us know in the comments below! thanks !!!

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